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Please note this system calculates in m² for all products sold by the metre. Any products sold by the piece does not have to go through the calculating process and should be added to your shopping basket
    Please use the following conversions
  • yards² divided by 1.196 = m²
  • feet² divided by 10.764 = m²
  • Eg. Wall or floor size 10feet by 8feet = 80feet²
  • 80 feet divided by 10.764 = 7.43 m²


{NEOWEBSCRIPT ERROR: can't read "discounted_cost": no such variable}
can't read "discounted_cost": no such variable
    while executing
"expr $total_discounted_cost+$discounted_cost"
    ("foreach" body line 21)
    invoked from within
"foreach product_id $product_ids {
	lassign [calc_area $product_id] area
 	if {[string is double -strict $product_area($product_id)]} {
		set unit_area..."
    invoked from within
"$safeInterp eval $ssiCode"
Surface 1: m x m
Surface 2: m x m
Surface 3: m x m
Surface 4: m x m

Add surfaces.
Areas to be subtracted:
Area 1: m x m
Area 2: m x m
Area 3: m x m
Area 4: m x m

Add uncovered areas.

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